Friday, August 12, 2011

Heaven is for Real

by: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

My mother-in-law and father-in-law bought this book and both read it just recently. Since they finished I borrowed it to read as well. I had also read 90 minuets in Heaven last year.

(90 minutes in Heaven is mostly about the authors struggle to recover from his accident. The first chapter is the best one of his actual account of heaven. I still remember him talking about seeing those he knew and how he wasn't sad to leave those behind).

These books are more of an interest since the loss of my nephew last year. Wondering what heaven is really like.

I really liked Heaven is for Real. The thing I loved most about it is the way that Todd, Colton's father wrote his story. It was from Todd's point of view but he wrote it with the child like aspect of his son, Colton.

Colton came close to death with a ruptured appendix. He had to have emergency surgery. During that time Colton went to heaven. It took months and years for details to come out of what he saw and those that he met but the accounts he describes are hard to deny. When Colton was in surgery he was only three. He describes things that happened while he was in surgery (such as where his parents were and what they were doing) to things that a three year old would not particularly know; how the throne of God looks, about the Holy Spirit and what Jesus looks like. You can't help but believe.

While there Colton says he met his great-grandpa, who he had never met on earth. He also met his sister, whom died in his mother's womb. Having family members in heaven it makes me think of them waiting for me to arrive. As well as a child I also lost in my womb. I never really thought I would meet him/her one day, who I names Christian Joy!

This book is an easy read. It only took me a day to complete it. The way Todd writes this story is so sincere, well worth reading. This book also lead me to another account of a girl who talks about her encounter with heaven. Akiane, her life, her heart, her poetry. She is a great artist who also drew a photo of Jesus, who Colton says looks like Jesus!

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