Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Help

by: Kathryn Stockett

My friend read this book just as the previews for the movie were coming out. I had not heard of the book until she mentioned it and she said I should read it. Well, I went to the library and was #71 on the waiting list. I posted on FB to see if anyone had the book for me to barrow and another friend of mine lent me the book! Within the first few chapters watching the previews was so funny cause I was starting to see who the characters were and made me want to finish the 500 page book in one night! Of course, I couldn't! But I did finish it in 3 days!

This book takes place in the 1960's when white's had help in their homes. In this story there are 4 main "white" ladies and their help that you follow. Skeeter decides to venture out and write a book about "the help". Back then speaking out could get you fired or worse so it is a huge risk that the woman take to tell their stories.

You are drawn in with the characters and stories of how the help love the children and are treated so poorly. To how the white woman treat their children and even Skeeter when they suspect what she is up to.

This book is now in my top favorites list. I was sad when it ended. I think everyone should read it before you see the movie, even after. It was SO good!

Here is the trailer for the movie if you have not seen it.

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