Monday, August 8, 2011

Ulterior Motives

by: Terri Blackstock

Ulterior Motives is book 3 in the SunCoast Chronicles. It follows Larry Milsaps through another mystery. This time most of the spot light is on his partner Tony.

Ben Robinson is fired by his boss Louise Dubose and evicted from the home that the apartment provided by his job at the art studio. Later that day Louise is killed and Ben is framed from the murder. With no where for Ben's family to go, he is forced to move back in with his ex-wife. He has two children by his ex-wife, Sharon and now two other children by his new wife, Anne. Things are not going so well between Sharon and Anne.

To make matters worse Ben is trying to prove his innocence when someone starts calling Sharon's home with ransom. The police don't believe him. Until his two daughters; Christy (Sharon's daughter) and Emily (Anne's daughter) are kidnapped. It's a race for their lives.

After having read the 2nd book, Justifiable Means, Terri Blackstock wrote this book a little differently. You know who is the killer from the very beginning. Though some of the dots are connected as you read along I was surprised she revealed so much so fast. It was a good story though. I like the characters and wanted to find out if Sharon and Tony end up together. (Though if you have read Terri's other books you know how her stories end up). The race to find the girls in the end does keep you reading as well.

This book wasn't my favorite out of this series or over all but it's not a bad book, it would still be worth reading. I just wouldn't put it at the top of my list, I'm just comparing. Being that it is a part of the series you would read it to continue on to book 4. I hope the next one has more of the mystery I like Terri Blackstock for.

On another note, I always read her Afterwords which explain her idea for the book she just wrote. This one has that meaning of the motives of our hearts. That is another reason I like Terri Blackstocks books. She puts challenges in her books to help you look inward as you read. Funny when I'm doing a study on Romans touching on the same subject of judging others when you do the same things. What is your heart condition!?

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