Monday, August 15, 2011

The boy who came back from heaven

by: Kevin and Alex Malarkey

After having read Heaven is for Real I thought I knew what to expect form this book but it is not all that much like Heaven is for Real. Within this story there are things Alex is able to talk about heaven and other things that he is not. As he say's in the book, it is like telling you what is in the gift before you open it on Christmas morning. God doesn't want him to tell us.

The story begins...Alex and his dad were driving on their way home from church and were hit by a car. Though Aaron was in his carseat and was held in place, his neck was broken. His skull was separated from his spine. (Same injury that Christopher Reeves had). None of the medical staff expected him to survive but God had a different story.

The car accident was in 2004 and to this day the family is still praying for Alex's full recovery. As you read this book you see from the moment of the accident to now, how God has performed miracle after miracle. From healing Alex's neck, to waking him up, to helping him have no brain injury - he came back as the Alex they knew, from helping with their home, food to bills. Too many miracles to count!

The most amazing thing is this book is Alex. He tells of the few things about his visits to heaven. He still goes to visit heaven, even after he woke up. He can see angels and the presence of God. It's amazing to read about a boy that though he is now a quadriplegic is spiritually alive! God has used him to touch so many lives.

His dad wrote so many great quotes in the book. He wrote a poem;

Alex cannot walk, Jesus walked on water. Alex cannot talk, God spoke the universe into existence. Alex cannot breath, the Holy Spirit is the breath of life. Therefore...I will not look to the world, But to the Word. I will not look at my son, But to the Father. I will not see with my eyes, But with my Heart. I will not fall victim to the prison of circumstance. I will worship my God and abide in his hope. Let it be...

Amazing words for the circumstances they are facing. He said in the book that people ask how can you do it, I couldn't and he said, "When God has you do something, you just do it!" "The real question in not what it is like to be in a wheel chair? The question is, What is God like when your in a wheelchair, because he does give abundant grace."

This story is not just for those that want to find out about Alex's story of survival. This story actually challenges you spiritually, Where do you stand? and What do you believe?

My favorite quote by Alex's dad is;

"My son couldn't function in the physical world, but I was handicapped in the spiritual world. Who has the greater disability?"

I watched a small clip online about him and his dad said it brings you to this one question, "Do you believe what you believe or do you just talk about it!"

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