Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Very Special Delivery

by: Linda Goodnight

This is another one of my free e-books from the Kobo app I have on my phone. The first time I've read any books from this author. I like discovering new authors that I might have over looked before, being a free book helps me read them!

The story starts out during a snow storm, when an unexpected guest shows up at Molly McCreight's doorstep, a delivery man with a baby. In this storm she can't imagine why they are out in it. She soon discovers that he needs to take some much needed medicine up the mountain and asks her to watch his baby, who he had to pick up from day care with no one else to rely on.

Molly is frightened by the thought but agrees while waiting eagerly for this man, Ethan, to return to take this baby, Laney, away. When the snow storm strands the delivery man and this baby at her home for five days, Molly McCreight is faced with a past that terrifies her. She is not ready to face what God is doing through this man and baby. In the mean time Ethan is faced with his past as well through their growing friendship and even love?

This is an easy sweet story to read. It doesn't have any twists and turns, no suspense but if your up for a good warm hearted story to unfold, like watching a Hallmark movie this is a good book. I like her writing and will look for other books by this author.

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